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Wish Add the extra cab parameters like the axe ii has


I really wish the ax8 had the extra advanced cab parameters like the axe fx has, such as the room, dephase, and motor drive parameters. I use headphones a good amount, and many guys say that the room and dephase controls help to get betters tones through headphones.

I know I could just use the room reverb, but then I couldn't use a larger reverb, and it's not really the same thing as what's in the cab parameters.


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I was actually pretty disappointed that the AX8 does not have the Air parameter in the Cab block (as promised in the manual).
And I do play a lot with headphones so: +1
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I am not sure about room but the Ax cpu can't handle dephase. It has been suggested to get cab lab because you can dephase in there then load the dephased cab to your Ax


Room and Motor Drive really foundational to my tones in the AxeII - would be as amazing to get these as was getting the Quantum update from older firmware.
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