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Adam Jones Marshall Superbass/Plexi

lieutenant llama

New Member
Hi Folks just wondering if someone could throw some tips for making some more advanced changes to the amp block. I'm trying to nail down Tool tones and a big part of that is a heavily modified Marshall.

Here's the info on the mods done

It's a 1959 late 70s superbass with jj el34s and chinese preamp tubes. It is super lead spec w/ 100k feedback on the 4 ohm tap it has a .68 cap for the presence and a .68 for v2 also the caps out of v1 are both .022s. The amp is biased to 25ma and he jumps the channels with a cable. It still has a superbass tonestack and a shared cathode - Dave Freedman

If anyone can make sense of this in terms of what do do in the fractals plexi models I would greatly appreciate it.

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