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Wish ADA MP-1


It's a fun preamp, but I imagine the issue with modeling it is pairing it with an appropriate power amp. Personally I'd love it modelled with the Brit 800 power section.

I have 3, which is absolutely excessive, so I'd be more than happy to donate one to @FractalAudio if Cliff wants to model it.

I have 2 myself, one with the 3 tube mode. I had good results w/ the Axe-Fx II with it, same with my Rockman Sustainor.


I hate to be 'that guy'... but I played an MP-1 forever back in the day. There is nothing about that thing that the Marshall models can't do better.

Try the FAS Hot Rod.

I love new models, so carry on with this.


anybody savvy on the specifics of the MP-1 drive/overdrive controls?

it's known as a 'marshall' type preamp, but the only Marshalls with two gain knobs are jumped Marshalls. is the MP-1 like the preamp section of a jumped marshall, or is it more like the dual drive mesas, where drive gives you the body, and overdrive takes the chosen character of the drive knob and shreds it?

I've never toyed with a jumped marshall as a preamp, I doubt they would even have that much preamp gain unboosted, but I ran a recto model 'power-amp-off' into tube pre yesterday for no reason and cackled like a maniac


It's not like a 'jumped' Marshall. It's more like the Boogie thing where OD1 is the tone-y knob and OD2 is 'MORE' and 'FAT'

The MP-1 has a zillion times the gain of any old Marshall. But it can get sloppy fast.


This has been requested the most back in the Axefx II days, (I wanted it and still do) and the III has been out I read 4 years? Damn.
Someone sent their unit to Cliff to be modeled for the Axefx II and for whatever reason it wasn't modeled. :(
We can probably let this thread die peacefully as it's not gonna happen guys.


That ADA MP-1 is a legend for anymore playing metal in the 80's. Simulate the ADA split vertical half stack as well and you've got a winner. I used to run that setup in stereo with my Quadraverb way before it was a thing live along with the ADA 2-Channel Power Amp.
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