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I tone matched my personal favourite settings on my original MP-1 (running into a Mesa Stereo 2:Fifty) and they're spot on with the Big Hair Model! You can grab the preset and match IR in the video description.

Hopefully this satiates some of the thirst for an MP-1 model. If @FractalAudio ever want to model an original I'd happily ship mine out; I bet it would sound monstrous into a VHT power amp too ;)



I used to own one up until 2 years ago a little while before I bought the axe-fx II. Every once in awhile I had it itch to play that, now I can scratch that itch. thanks for doing this and sharing it as well


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Thanks Leon! I am new to modeling and I love your tutorial videos. Do you think you might be able to work on an early King's X Lab series tone down the road? Thanks again for all the help and inspiration!


Agreed doesn't work here either - 1.18 Beta on a Mac, Fractool shows the layout but both it and Axe-Edit import a blank preset


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When I was a kid the ADA MP-1 was my dream amp but I never got one. Then the Mesa Boogie TriAxis was my dream amp and used it until my Axe-Fx II arrived. Now I have an Axe-Fx III and will be able to make it sound like an ADA MP-1 :D This is perfect timing because my band is learning Skid Row The Treat.


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I am pretty sure we already have one of these somewhere.
Then you have no excuse. :D

@2112 Awesome work, Leon. Thanks for all you do for the FAS user community, I really enjoy your vids and presets. This is the closest yet I have heard to my old MP1. I always loved the SS clean, so thanks for going for it there too.


Hi Leon,

Awesome work. Is there any way to get this onto the AX8 please? It's exactly the sound I'm needing.
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