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Active CLR Cab.


Hey Guys,
I recently bought and active CLR cab because I want to use it for small playing gigs with the AXE fx ...and soon the AX8. I currently own the active Wedges which I love.

My question is...since this is and active CAB is it best to turn of the CAB sims?



Use the sims just as you would for the wedges. The CLRs have been engineered to have the same response whether in the wedge or cabinet enclosure.

Edit: clarifying explanation
Sounds like you are wondering about the enclosure shape: wedge vs cab. Sonically, they are the same. So, with the CLR active cab, you would use sims ON just as you would for the active wedge.
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'Active' just means that it has it's own on-board power amp. As opposed to "Passive', which requires a separate power amp. If it is a 'Full Range' speaker system like the Wedges then yes, use the Cab sims. When playing through a traditional 'guitar' cab (not full-range) turn off the Cab sims.


No, do not turn off the CAB sims. The CLR is an FRFR monitor and you need the speaker and mic modeling. The active just means that the amp driving the speaker is built in as opposed to be external.


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Try it with cab Sims off. You will freak out and think something is broken! Its that bad with them off. At least using distortion and crunch type amps.
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