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Acoustic Guitar Tone Match - Profiling an Acoustic Instrument

Roby Rocks

In this video I'll show you how to use the Tone Match function of Axe-Fx3 to "profile", or better "capture the impulse response" of an acoustic instrument, in this case my Takamine Limited Edition 1999 acoustic guitar. Usually the Tone Match is used to capture the tonal characteristics of a real Amp+Cab and then apply them (as a sort of filter) to the respective simulated Amp+Cab. The same thing can be done for an acoustic instrument. Once the process is finished, it's also possible to save the result as an Impulse Response (.syx) to use it in other Presets and in other Fractal products. The result is amazing! Basically the Piezo sound disappears and gives way to the Acoustic sound of the instrument.
Video in Italian, please use automatic-translated-subtitles feature by youtube (desktop version).

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