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ACDC Shoot to Thrill (Tone Match)


Hey all

I grabbed a live recording (MOGG) of ACDC's Shoot to Thrill and tone matched both Malcolm's and Angus' guitars. Removed the guitars from the track and re-recorded them using my Axe FX. I'm including both the SYX files here for you. I know there is a lot of metal posted here, but perhaps some good timeless Classic rock tones can be used by some of you... This file I worked with was a live recording of STT, so Angus' guitar sound much more over-driven than the album version.

I played Malcolm's part through a Gibson Les Paul. I do not have Gretsch double-cutaway Jet Firebird guitar. hehe
Angus' part was played using a Gibson SG Standard.Solo is a bit on the weak side... Sorry

View attachment Shoot To Thrill (Malcolm).syx
View attachment Shoot To Thrill (Angus).syx


Let me know if you like it.
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