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Access Presets between 384 and 999 with MFC-101

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Many MFC-101 users are puzzled, if not frustrated, with the perceived inability of the MFC-101 to select Axe-Fx presets in the range of 384 - 999. Here are 4 quick solutions, ordered from preferred to least popular. As of v4.3 MFC-Edit contains enhancements to specifically make this easy to do.
  1. Best solution - relocate Axe-Fx presets below the 384 number. Axe-Edit/Axe-Manage make it very easy to move the high-numbered presets into lower-numbered slots in the Axe-Fx.
  2. Second-Best solution - use MFC-Edit v4.3 or above on PRESETS screen. There is a screenshot below illustrating where to choose the "target" Axe-Fx preset for any given MFC-101 preset. The default is for the MFC-101 preset to select the same numbered preset in the Axe-Fx. Simply click the Axe-Fx Preset number (indicated by the balloon popup in the screen-shot below) to select a new Axe-Fx Preset. This is super handy if you have presets above 384 in the Axe-Fx you want to access. However, if most of the presets you want to access from the MFC-101 are numbered greater than 384 I recommend option #1 - it's just less stuff you have to remember. Click the image below to enlarge it. PRESETS-AxeFxTxPcMap.jpg
  3. Third solution - Use the Axe-Fx Preset Transmit Map feature of the MFC-101. This can be done in the MFC-101 controller itself or using MFC-Edit on the INT.CC & CHANGE MAPS page.
  4. ** Fourth solution - Use the Axe-Fx Program Change Mapping feature of the Axe-Fx. See sections 16.15.5 and 9.3 of the Axe-Fx II Owner's Manual. Don't use this last feature just because you're lazy. It is a powerful feature allowing you to map an inbound PC command to a different Preset and SCENE in the Axe-Fx. I strongly discourage its use just for mapping to Presets above 383 - I mention it here just for completeness of information.
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