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AC30TB - Too harsh?


So I finally got to fix my Tele and I started to work on new tones right away, for use on my upcoming EP. It was cool to realise that it sits great in the mix pretty much dry, though upon further listen I noticed that it miiiight be a little bit too harsh, specially while listening on Apple earbuds (gotta listen through lots of different stuff)...

So what do you guys think? Is it too harsh and twangy? I understand it might be hard to tell without having the context of the mix, but I'm interested in nailing a good tone on its own from the start. It might also be heavy on mids.

I don't have access to my patch right now so I'm not sure what cabs I used haha.


Thanks in advance!
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I like it - even on apple ear buds.. ;)
As you stated in the context of music is when you'll find out if it's too much. But for me that's a nice mix of twank and dirty break up..


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What IR?

What guitar too?

What are the settings for this clip?

It definitely doesn't sound bad, although a little different from the sound I would dial up on a TB.


Thanks for your responses everyone. I'm using the 2x12 Brit with a R121 paired with the 2x12 Boutique with a U87.

These are the settings I'm using at the moment:
Drive: 2.90
Bass: 4
Mid: 5 (Fat mode on)
Treb: 5 (Bright mode on)
Comp: 96.4%
Master: 10

The rest as far as I'm aware is default. And I'm using a Standard American Telecaster with default pickups. I'll try lowering the Dynamic Presence and see how that goes!

I'm interested in a tone similar to Jaga Jazzist's in their What We Must album.



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I thought you may have had the Fat switch engaged.

Through my computer monitors, it sounded good. Maybe not quite like the song you posted, but still a good sound.


I personally really like it even though it is on the bright side as it should be, I think that's what will make this sit perfectly in the mix. I don't think it's too bright at all. Doesn't sound thin or brittle to me on my Bose system.


BTW, the recording that you are referencing is much darker tone wise but is really smeared and not HD from what I'm hearing, so I wouldn't use that particular youtube.com video as a reference as it is.
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