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AC Power Frequency


Power User
I noticed the AC line frequency setting and I was wondering how it affects the sound depending on the setting.


Give it a shot and hear for yourself. I recall a while back that Cliff talked about this. He went with a Direct Current model initially since it is deemed the "best" and cleanest by most electrical engineers. However if I recall he mentioned that he was surprised by how the tones were affected when changing the emulation to Alternating Current. I can't seem to find the post though. Cliff posts so much!

Hopefully he'll have a chance to answer this.


Power User
Yeah I can tell the difference between AC and DC, but I was wondering about how the line frequency setting affects the sound technically.


Fractal Audio Systems
The most notable thing would be the ghost notes. There is also a slight difference in feel.


Last Saturday when I had tested the new Plexi 100W High model, I alternated between AC/DC, and the difference was immense IMO. The DC setting yielded tones more reminiscent of fw 9, brighter... When on the AC setting, it turned to a darker, meaner, badass tone, like those classic recordings we grew up listening to. Another great improvement by Cliff!
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