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AC/DC "Long Way To the Top"


I've been trying to nail the tone in the intro to the song. For some reason I can't seem to get it. Any tips or presets anyone have?


For most AC/DC I find that less gain works best. Try the JTM45 jump maybe, cabs to taste, and crank it. It's probably being played with a Gretsch with Filteron's, so the guitar will probably have much to do with the tone.

This sounds close. JTM100, but you get the idea.

Good luck.


Hi, Angus or Malcolmsound? Quite different sounding and different guitars - you might know.

I got closer to ACDC Sounds with G12 H30 IR´s, with SMb7 Mics. The JTM 45 has got a lot of bass frequences, which you have to handle.

Try also the 1959 High Treble, with a Filterboost in Front - like Angus does with his wireless system.

Less gain doesn´t work for my ears with the axe, the poweramp doesn´t produces enough gain. But Angus did a lot rhythmsounds which roll-back volumepoti and then full volume for the solos.


Here's an old trick from Cliff in the old AFII days- it uses a couple of compressors to simulate the Angus Young wireless unit- maybe worth putting in front of the JTM-45? It's worth reading the old thread where it's all laid out- it's interesting stuff!

I think the idea was to put two compressor blocks in series set to "Dynamics", give one a dynamics value of +1, and the other a value of -1, all other settings to default. Check out the thread for original sources.
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