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It´s really difficult to achieve a real Angus Tone with the Axe Fx, it sounds thin with less gain.
I´m testing ACDC Tone with the Small box Friedman and IR with a Sennheiser 421, comes closer for my ears, but I also got no SG-Guitar.

I like the Rhythmtone of the backingtrack, but your Leadtone is not so close to Angus. Maybe another Guitar?
The Lead Tone of the Les Paul is to fat and to soft.
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Andrea Maccianti

[Quote = "Hubi, posta: 1497289, membro: 33311"] E'davvero difficile da realizzare un vero e proprio tono Angus con la Scure Fx, suona sottile con meno guadagno.
test Io ACDC tono con la piccola scatola di Friedman e IR con un Sennheiser 421, si avvicina per le mie orecchie, ma ho anche avuto SG-chitarra.

Mi piace la Rhythmtone del backingtrack, ma il vostro Leadtone non è così vicino a Angus. Forse un'altra chitarra?
Il tono di piombo della Les Paul è quello di grasso e al morbido. [/ QUOTE]
Thank you for your comment! I made this video without thinking or want to imitate the sound of Angus, partly because like you said, the right guitar would be the Sg. You think I have not even used my patch Back In Black this on my old video where it says that the tone was very similar ... but always done with the Les Paul ... thanks again! :)
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