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About the WIKI !!


Please note that the whole purpose of a wiki - in spite of all the GREAT work that Yek does there - is to give you (the users) a place to share your information and experiences that will help other users. All you need to do to get going is to create an account (your forum id/handle does not grant you access) and learn a little Mediawiki "markup language".

It's a HUGE Fractal information source. Add its knowledge base to the Axe-II, MFC and AxeEdit guides and you have a un-paralleled information source. You too can add you experiences, comments and advice to the wiki. It's not just a place for Yek (who does a great job BTW) to whittle away his time. It's YOUR WIKI !! We NEED people to add information to the wiki - so Yek can have more playing time :)

NOTE: To prevent spam bots from auto-creating accounts and thus adding numerous spam pages (they can bypass most current "Captcha" methods) you will be asked a question about the Fractal product line when you sign up for an account. The bots don't have the answers to these questions, but you do. The questions will change periodically so that we maintain a spam-free wiki, but they will be Fractal specific - regardless.
If you don't know the answer to a question and need wiki access, IM Yek or I.

Have at it guys.. it's YOUR WIKI !!

-Steve O


when my Axe2 shows up and I therefore become a bonafide member of the clan, you can count me in....


Fractal Fanatic
Glad you posted, it's something I always wanted to ask to be a part of, but somehow kept forgetting to ask about. I'll be glad to join up help in whatever I can :)


Cant be long now Clarky?

it's getting to the point where I'm suspecting that something didn't go right....
I'll be looking into it...
the guys that ordered in November are getting their units...
mine was ordered around August..
that said, I've been patient... and I'm not in a hurry... I'm not being held back..


ill update the wiki with some interesting, useful informations from forum posts (i saved them on my computer in a file)


Hey clarky...you not got the 2 yet? .....hey man its foookin awesome your gonnna love .....!

not yet....
I did have a day playing with a pal's one last summer....
we tried lots of very interesting experiments....
loved what I heard... had all the control I needed...
and so I promptly put myself on the waiting list....

still waiting...
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