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About clipping

It seems to be a better way to turn down the main output about 2,0 - 2,5 in Layout section and then set the level in amp sections from that point? I could sometimes have some serious trouble when i think the dynamic in the tone was great (clean boost as well as high gain), then it often starts to clip. But I must also say I like to play to my studiemonitor out, from the DAW a little loud. The amp volume (master and level) would not be so sensitive, after that kind of adjustment?


Thought I'd post in case someone else runs into this...

I ran into an issue where I was getting a subtle but unpleasant bit of distortion that sounded like clipping in the high-end. Took me a while to sort out, but I found that sometimes when I turn on my XL, it causes my sound card to switch to 44k. If I then use the control panel for my sound card to set it to 48k, everything sounds great. I now recognize the sound when it happens, and it's very easy to correct. :)
I noticed a similar strange behavior of my AXE XL. Sometimes when I turn on, I was getting a subtle but audible distortion in the high end and the preset sounds like to much presence and a little bit thin but my unit wasn't connected to a soundcard or PC only to my Matrix Q12a and MFC. Sometimes a reset solves this problem sometimes not. I couldn't find the cause. Don't use active pickups, changing the cables didn't change anything. My instrument level is 50%, no red LEDs, no extreme presets. This distortion is particular clear on mid and high gain sounds but also in clear settings. The next time I turn the AXE on everything every preset sounds as it should but this problem sucks because it kills this awesome feeling playing through the AXE if everything is alright. Any suggestions?


Is it possible to damage the unit if the preset or the output is clipping, or can it not clip hard enough to damage anything? (Only referring to digital and output here)


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I'm still getting clipping with a BKP Painkiller with my Les Paul on my AxeFx III (Input at 5%, as I understood it's not good to go lower, as the Input Level is actually lowered if under 5%), I'm routing out the DI signal out via SPDIF, and have to set the output Level down, to avoid clipping. The annoying thing is, when I'm reamping, I have to add a 6 dB boost. That wouldn't be bad, but it's annoying when switching between playing and reamping :/

Weirdly, the Interface says the SPDIF Input is clipping, but the Input 1 Meter on the AxeFx is not red?

Is there a better way? E.g. Lowering the SPDIF output by 6dB for the DI track, and if I select SPDIF as the input for reamping, it automatically engages a 6dB Boost?

Should I still set it to 0%? By then it doesn't clip, but I feel like this is also not an optimal setting.. I can't lower the pickup any more, it's already super low. Does any one know by how many dB I should raise the In1 Output, if the Input is set to 0%?
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Seems like you’re confusing input with output clipping. Read the first post.


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I read the first post. But why does the output clip, if the input doesn't? The levels are on 0dB, I only have a multiplexer block, so that the DI is only on the left side.
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