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Wish Ability to save modified speaker impedance curves / lock Speaker tab settings


As the title says.
I really like the settings I've dialed in (by modifying one of the impedance curve presets regarding not only LF and HF Rez but also Speaker Drive/Compression) on the Speaker tab for my currently selected amp for my SS PA+Guitar Cab. However, obviously when I pick a different amp, the settings on the Speaker tab are recalled according to the defaults of the amp and I have to reinput the settings every time which is a little tedious. Of course it's saved with the channel but I still have to reinput the settings for every channel/preset.
I'm looking for a way to preserve these settings between amp changes. I'm aware Global Imp. Curve is coming in 18.00 but I have to underline that since I've found the perfect settings for my SS PA and Cab and I'd like to use these settings for essentially all amps, I'm also looking to keep the changes I've made to the curve, so I'm essentially looking for a way to have the Speaker tab locked for the sake of auditioning amps/working on presets with new amps without having to input the settings manually all the time.
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