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Wish Ability to always run two reverbs


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I play in a "post-hardcore" band where I commonly use more than two reverb sounds, and I have found that I quickly run out of CPU if I have two reverb blocks + two delay blocks + two drive blocks. Switching between presets to have 4 distinct reverb sounds in one song isn't ideal in a live situation.

I'm hoping that updates to the FX8 include the power to run both reverb blocks pretty much regardless of what other effects are in the preset. I realize that this mostly affects users who play in ambience-oriented projects.


There are some tricks you can use to pull more reverb out of the lower horse-power units like the FX8 and AX8.

Have you tried turning down the Echo Density on the reverb? That can get you back a bunch of power. You can usually run live with a 2 or 3 setting here without it really being anything people notice.

Also, don't discount the less-power hungry reverb algorithms. There's enough ability to make them sound huge and wash-y but using less of the DSP. Here's an example:



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I haven't touched settings since we left for tour. I will look into it when we get back!

it's gotta be the right type of huge and washy ;) - and I still want to be able to use two even if they're the high-CPU type!
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