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A true FX Loop (revised block behavior)


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Using the FX loop as a switchable on/off loop in the FM3 is a bit cumbersome currently. If you add Out2 and In2 blocks into your path, it'll work just fine as an always-on loop, but if you try and bypass the loop, your signal within the FM3 isn't bypassed through the blocks; it just stops dead in its tracks. It's possible to make a bypassable loop with additional blocks and parallel routing, but I feel that this is a pretty basic thing that should be possible with only the Out2 and In 2 blocks connected to each other (I acknowledge that you can place them non-sequentially in a patch where this wouldn't work, and this is a behavior that's really clever and useful and should remain unchanged!).

I don't have my FM3 with me at the moment, but if I recall, either the Out or In block doesn't have a thru bypass mode like every other block does. Maybe adding this as a feature to the block would be an easy fix?


You might be doing something wrong because as far as I know the behavior you described is already supposed to be the way it works.


From the manual:



Yeah this ↑. Make sure you connect the Out 2 and IN 2 blocks with a cable (on the grid), otherwise the bypassed signal can't pass.

Ugly Bunny

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I wish there was just a simple "FX Loop" block that was a single block and performed exactly like adding the Output 2/Input 2 blocks set correctly. You would still be able to adjust levels if needed, but it would, by default be set for unity volume. Basically like how the Helix does it.

In any case, it's unlikely since, like almost every wish, there are workarounds that can more or less get you where you want to go.
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