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A thread NOT about selling presets... Thanks to the community!


Presets! I've bought some... I've borrowed some from the forum and Axe-Change... I'm a "home use only" hobbyist that is lucky enough to own this kick-ass machine. I just wanted to say that I visit this site and participate in this community because I love my AxeFX and guitar.

Free or otherwise, thank you to all that offer anything to this community. I'm learning things everyday and I'm grateful.

I'm extremely relieved to peek in here today and not see "that" thread dominating the discussion. :)

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Fractal Fanatic
I could not agree more. Love my FAS gear, love the support from the FAS team, and love the FAS community. FAS just keeps getting better and better. Glad to be a part of the FAS community.



Been blown away since I first learned about this gear. Now, 9 years later, I have it and it's like Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa every time I flip that sexy switch on the left.


I've got my wife and my axefx2xl+, never felt more accomplished haha
Not forgetting our community, searching for the 42 of music, together :)


I'd say that any discussion, provided its relevant to the product, is a useful one. Its an exchange of viewpoints and idea's and while they may not always be that meaningful to all of us, its probably provided some good feedback for the business of how future presets may be created, sold, modified etc

I think a big part of what made this a cool forum, and the Axe such a great product, is that the end users actually be been so involved with the discussion so to speak. I mean I can't count the times there was a thread where some ideas or complaints or wishes were thrown around between members, Cliff joins in and explains why he did something the way he did, but on a new FW he could provide an option to do it another way, and we see a new FW a week later with some new options that appeal to a ton of users.

Its a very unique product and company in that regard, and as talented as Cliff and Co are, I think what makes the Axe as amazing as it is, and has evolved to, is all the discussions and feedback this forum has provided.
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