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A quick reminder for the guys using scenes.. what NOT to do..


... do NOT have your Axe plugged into your laptop, especially if you're playing with a band!! You'll get this weird drop-out cut-out thing and it will rightly P1SS you off!! I learned that the hard way :D:rolleyes:

Scenes are in fact seamless when you DON'T have a USB cable going from your lappy to the Axe. If you do have it this way, you can expect to hear that weird cut-out drop-out thing which is sorta instantaneous, and enough to piss you off, and, to ruin a song if/when playing with a band. Yes, granted, you'll need it plugged in if you're running Axe Edit to make changes to patches/scenes etc.

Lesson learned: keep your laptop unplugged from your Axe and it'll sound seamless when using scenes.. do the opposite, and it won't be seamless!


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F8 on Mac too

or click the button in the upper left corner (up where it says "Connected"), or select it under Setting menu (second item down)

Clockwork Creep

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Yeah, drop outs are just because of axe edit reading/writing. Not having axe edit on, or pausing it fixes that issue.
But there is another drop out that just can't be helped, even if you unplug the axe from laptop: Amp block x/y switching. Avoid that in scenes. Use two amp blocks instead.
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