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A question for the 4CM experts.. this one is for you.. (AMP X/Y ??)


So, I wanna run 4CM with my Axe-ii, tube amp + 2x12 cab, and of course with the MFC. But I'm not 100% sure if what I want to achieve is in fact achievable the way I want to do it.. Also, apologies in advance for my wording..... and my AMAZING skills in Paint!!! Lol.. :D

I currently have the MFC setup in IA mode (switches 1-5 are my basic patches, with 6-17 are IA controls). No sweat.

I plan to have buttons 1, 2 & 3 on the MFC to be controlling my actual amp (1 = clean channel, 2 = dirty channel, 3 = boosted), whereas I was planning to keep buttons 4 and 5 on the MFC for whatever other amp within the Axe I want to use. So far so good... right?!

Button 10 on the MFC is an AMP X/Y. Here come the questions..

Am I right in assuming that I can still use AMP X/Y on buttons 4 & 5 on the MFC but not 1-3, because 1-3 are controlling my tube amp head??

Or, can I in fact use use the AMP Y state on buttons 1-3, BUT, the Y state would be an AXE amp sim? Does that even make sense?! If I can in fact use the AMP Y on buttons 1-3, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

Any input would be greatly appreciated guys.. thanks in advance.



What tube amp, and how are you switching its channels? MIDI thru from Axe directly to amp, or to a separate switching device?

An IA switch can send more than one CC on different channels if configured as general use. There may be a way to have the Amp X/Y IA switch your amp to a certain channel/setting when using a 4CM preset. Without more details it's hard to say. Another option of interest may be to configure an alternate preset for switches 1/2/3, allowing a different amp setting by pressing the current preset switch again.
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