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A new song I recorded!


A few drum mess ups here and there and an unfinished solo. All in all though its getting close. This is easily the best I have ever gotten a mix to sound. AF II, Superior Drummer Metal Foundry, EZ Mix, and Pro-Tools.

Let me know what you think!



Love the tone. I really like where the song goes. It's screaming for more bottom end, though. Kick and bass need to come up.


Definitely think it is very catchy

But like others have said, very thin and no bottom end at all.

Turn the drums (especially the bass drum) and bass up and add some bottom end to that guitar.
I really dig it, but I kept waiting for the song to spring to life with that boom. Definitely might be a phase issue like Johnny said above. It sounds like the song is going through a filter or something.
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