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A little SRV action with the new 7.02 and Motor Drive


All feel, brother. You weren't just crankin' out the notes.

Your headphone cord kinda stole the show, though. She sure can dance! Kept good time, too. :)


Great tone and great playing Glenn! :cool: Would love to hear some details on how you put the patches together and I'm curious on what the rest of the signal chain is you're playing through - like what speakers / cabs / FRFR you're using or if this is recorded direct from the AX8?

You posted a few free AX8 patches here that were really good, but I assume you are developing some that you are going to offer for sale, right?

Awesome as always - Rock On! :D

Glenn DeLaune

Hi Glenn, In my Helix days I bought your patches and loved them. Do you know when you'll be ready to release this one for download? Thanks!
Zip your pants! :eek:
LOL, I'm just getting this. I read your post and I said, "wait a minute!! how can he tell if my pants are unzipped or not??" Then I realized what you meant about the other post. My wife is always kidding me because I'm a little slow sometimes!! :cool:
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