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A little help with COMPRESSOR block setup...



I've been doing some searching in the forum and I'm finding a ton of info but much of it seems to a have broken links to other resources or is discussing a much older FW version. I understand the basic function of a compressor block but I want to learn more about setting them up. My current approach has been to tinker with the block in an existing preset but I think it's time I get my hands dirty. I've been looking for posts that have blocks I can import to emulate specific models (Keeley, MXR, etc) but, again, this is just a starting point for me.

My setup:
FW Q4.00; SC and HB pickup guitars; FRFR powered speakers and studio monitors; front INST input

On the I/O menu, my INST input a/d gain is only ~50%. I've tried raising this but I still often can't get the YELLOW or RED LEDs to light on the front panel. Often, when watching the db meter on the COMP block, I'm not seeing any cut from 0.0db. Does this mean the COMP block isn't having any effect on the signal? Is it correct for me to lower the threshold a bit (to taste) to fix this?

I apologize as I realize all this info is out there but some quick answers and finger pointed towards some more recent AxeFx2 resources would be great.



Old post but worth the read. The attack release have been switched to mseconds now but other than that I believe everything is still legit
Found that one. Thanx. You answered one important question... I wasn't sure if, after figuring out how to convert 0-10 into xxxx ms, this info was still current. Cheers.


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I've been trying to improve my knowledge of compressors also and here's a couple things that have helped.

First, play with the settings using a clean sound until you get the hang of it. It's easier to hear what's going on imo.

Second, play with shaping the transient pick attack, then try shaping the sustained note. Then both

Lastly, try to make your guitar sound like a slap bass.. This really helped me get a handle on what the compressors are capable of.
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