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A FM3, Kemper and HeadRush Walk Into a Room.... (live video)...

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
There is always a lot of discussion of minutia on forums; it is easy to get lost in the weeds sometimes. I used to participate quite frequently in that madness but always held you can use the current crop of modelers together... for good, not evil. LOL. To actually, perform music live.

My band did a Facebook Live this past weekend; first time playing together as a unit again since first weekend March. Eventually, we'll have it posted up on YouTube (and doing more of these) and it highlighted why modelers are ideally suited to live playing in a lot of ways.

In our band, before the current situation, we play a lot of places and typically gig almost every weekend or every other weekend. Clubs, events, private parties, and festivals. I do the live mix from the stage. We have no soundman, that's my responsibility. I use Spotify from my iPad for pre-gig/between sets with curated playlists depending on the audience. We all go direct - the drummer included, he has an Alesis based electric kit. We all run In-ear monitors so we are scalable from big stages to small with extremely consistent results. We run a QSC based PA system, the board is a QSC TouchMix-16. So the mix (and monitor mixes) stays 'set' mostly, but I 'shoot' the room to set the output EQ to adjust for the room.

For this Live event, we are running as we do for a show but the output EQ was flat. I bought the Roland "GO" mixer to interface the PA output to my phone (Galaxy S20+) after talking to Larry Mitchell whom I consulted because he does these sorts of Livestreams weekly with great results.

So what you are hearing is the band running direct, I have a Fractal Audio FM-3/FC-6 based rig; Mark the other guitarist uses a HeadRush (the bigger version) and Bryan runs his bass through his Kemper Stage. We don't fight, debate or bicker at all about gear in the band. We've never found our gear having a fight on stage between sets. We can all rest easy knowing that different brands of gear CAN work together. LOL.

Here is the video for those interested in hearing/seeing it. I'm the guy with the Tom Anderson on the left in case you don't know me.



Fractal Fanatic


Ok, first—the band sounds great—Bravo! Second, this is a really cool “anatomy of a live band” tutorial. This high level description of your live setup and how you maintain consistency should inspire others to investigate digital solutions. Clearly, this solution is easily streamed LIVE on “The Facebook”. I have been using the Mackie DL series in a similar configuration for many years. Great Job!
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