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A couple Pink Floyd presets

Okay now I removed any Global links in the unit itself and exported via Fractal Bot. I also swapped usb cords. That should do it! Please try again and so sorry for this... :confused: haha

That did it - wow these sound great man. I have to do very little amount of tweaking, if any for my own rig. Really awesome - thanks for sharing - really appreciate it !!:cool:


Was there ever a conversion made for AX8 ? Still searching thank you
I have a whole set for the AX8. Everything much better dialed in by now too. Multi-use patches for rehearsals or on the fly and also song specific for album correct delays and such (2-3 sets worth). I use them in my PF Tribute band. I have the same for a Axe II and a III now. When I get round to it, I'll dump them from the AX8 and share. My Axe III is always connected and used now, so the others are not as loved anymore! haha
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