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A counter that counts down to the next firmware releases - thumbs up?


Hey a great idea maybe? It could be a standard feature from now on within the forums and on the fractal website home page.

A counter that counts down to the next release of a beta or full release firmware update.

I'm sure people would love that indeed. I'm sure of it.

It would be a good way to see and plan your next update, and be ready for it ........ many reasons it would be a great idea.

Who agrees?

EDIT: ok it looks like its a unanimous decision that we are indeed going to get a countdown timer for firmware updates. The vote was brought to you via the USA style of voting, if you don't agree, it doesn't matter, we will do it anyway. Wink! :p
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people don't buy the axe fx to play guitar mate, that would be strange! Its an electronic device, like a smart phone, we simply have to have them for no apparent reason.


No. Just, no.

Most of your threads are around when new FW is going to be released. I just don't get it. I'm too busy playing and enjoying the Axe Fx.


do you have youtube videos of your playing? And i mean that in a good way, love to see and hear your tones.

Around the time of firmware releases, i have hairy palms galore mate. its all good news.


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Loved playing quantum beta today. Picked up my mexican strat and loaded up the Vibroverb AA and AB sim through my carving into an Orange 4x12 and just got lost playing for quite awhile. You should do the same.


No. Just, no.

Most of your threads are around when new FW is going to be released. I just don't get it. I'm too busy playing and enjoying the Axe Fx.

agree 100% but I am confident it's something we do not have to worry about happening. I don't think FAS wants to or need to be under some time frame gun.


Say Cliff has an epiphany and rewrites the code, if the countdown timer doesn't dictate another release for another 30 days, then what happens? Does the FW release get delayed simply because the countdown hasn't ticked over yet?

If Cliff hasn't had an 'epiphany' and there is no reason to issue a new FW, then what happens? Does something gets released for the sake of it, just to honour some dumb countdown on the website?

I think a nice little surprise when everyone logs in is a good system and works well.


I think it is a great idea. We just need to come to a countdown standard that accounts for....soon.

OMG!!!! :hopelessness:


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Fractal doesn't do Firmware 'teases' like other companies might. They are working hard to release the full rev. It's done when it's done; if there is a planned date, it is definitely 'soft' as in 'we hope'. If that date was posted, and they DIDN'T follow through, the rabid voices on this board (and all over) would release the hounds. It's not sitting in a vault for the perfect drop time.

Please appreciate that we have a beta, which is miles away from what other companies do.

I'm sorry, but the continual posts of 'When do we get the *real* release of FW, Axe Edit, etc are getting a little...wearing. Have some patience and more importantly...play your guitar.

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Why wait for programmers to develop a countdown feature?

Use this top tip:

Just get a block of stickies and start with writing 100 on the top one and then 99 on the next and keep going until you reach zero

If you require FW updates sooner than every 100 days then adjust your starting number accordingly - or tear off the unneeded ones if you mistakenly started at 100 (it can happen)

Tear off one sticky every day

If the FW comes out before you reach '0' then it's testament to just how committed FAS are to their customers by pushing development forward.

If however you reach zero and no new FW is released then you could maybe start considering buying another product.

Of course if you have been getting by ok with the current, albeit aged, FW and want to avoid all that hassle and embarrassment of advertising the product for sale with such old FW loaded it might be more prudent to give FAS another chance and just buy another block of stickies and start over

Please consider the environment - you can re-use your old stickies if you are careful to not throw them away and as an added selling tool they fit easily into the original box with the product if you sell it on.


A Fractal countdown would look like this:
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