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A Comet i really like!!

Julien Meirone

Sound really f*****g good, a lot of ambience and great sound of bass and drums (especially the snare IMO). With a more analog sound, it could be more awesome because the high frequencies sounds really modern IMHO but it could be an esthetic choice. Anyway, great great job, i have listened the whole song with pleasure. I'm waiting for the patch.8)


Thoroughly enjoyed, great playing dude, I really like how the whole thing sounds. :encouragement:

I made a patch with the Comet which I quite like although it's for high gain stuff. There are better amps for high gain but it can do the job surprisingly well.


Outstanding playing and great sounding preset!
Just curious as to what guitar it is that you are playing on this recording?
Thanks for posting.

Tex Axe

Thanks for the Comet mention 412 1960a g12m RW is not too shabby with this amp !
another 8-10 hours on another amp whats another day ?



New Member
Simply ... AWESOME!!! :) Great ambient mix, jamming guitar solo, A+ Reminded me of Peter Frampton for some reason, in a good way. Very tastefully done.

Thanks for posting.
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