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a burning dream


oops , i was shaking a little i rekon , hang on .. sry i have an old handy.


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I used to talk so much shit about their headstocks but after I finally played one I decided I wasn't going to anymore. Guitars that play that well off the shelf can have whatever damn headstock they want! (I still hate it though)

That's one of the coolest finishes I've seen on one! I've got a couple buddies who must have put at least one of James' kids through college with the amount they own/owned


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That headstock is bold and overstated yet functional and not actually a significant departure from tradition. It immediately elicits a response from those who view it. It is the opposite of pedestrian and forgettable. From an advertising perspective I have to imagine that is a successful design (though I claim no expertise in that area).


besides there's no shop in switzerland who sells or has tyler guitars to look at .i had to go to germany to station music for ordering one of these guitars a 800 km trip. i have small hands and the usual c-shape necks are not confi for me. my jp 15 has a very thin neck .735 first and .805 at 12.fret
the nearest tyler could go (so rich renken told me ) was .790 at first and .915 at 12.
so now the neck is also perfect for me. 2 JTS 5500 single coils and a SECRET !!! :cool: humbucker give the sound i was looking for a long time.
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