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A big thanks to Leon Todd (2112)!


Leon's vids are great,
I upgraded to a III about 3 weeks ago and his vids were quite instrumental [pun intended] in this decision.
He's never boring and the sound quality is really good. There's nothing worse than gear-related vids with dodgy sound quality.
At first, I found some of his sounds a bit bright, but then I realised he's approaching it as a pro, sitting in an overall band mix. Now I can apply the principles myself.
In one of the vids he said he was sunburned, because he had been out trying to skate. Coolest thing ever!


Can only agree. Very nice and humble guy, very good at dialling in stuff and excellent at explaining it. Learned so much from his videos, especially the 5 minutes tones and the series about Fender and Marshall models. He is an awesome part of this community. My favourite video resource about Fractal products.


Leon's dingo ate my baby! :D
Funny how the human brain works. When I read that, the first thing I thought of was the late 90’s and going through a tough time after having the time of my life for a couple of years. A guilty pleasure at the time was watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Oz’s band was called Dingoes Ate My Baby. Their music was by the little known Four Star Mary and some of their songs helped me through some hard times. Now I have nothing but fond memories, but it put a big smile on my face thinking about and listening to these songs. Great fun to play as well. Healing power of music baby.

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I have mentioned somewhere else how much I appreciate the TV Mix 2 IR. I use it for everything and it alleviates a lot of choice anxiety. Leon’s stuff just sounds ‘right’ to my ear.


I 1000% agreed. My only complain is I wish there were two Leon's cause I want more 5min tones ;).
I also appreciate all the other great folks in this community who don't get mentioned as much. Hats off to you folks too (if you think im talking about you then I probably am), but this is a Leon thread so. Thanks so much Leon!


Late to the party here, but I'll chime in as well. Brother Leon is the best. I learn a lot from his videos and he makes me laugh too. He's easily the reason I got the Axe FX III!
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