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A, B, C, D Modifiers


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I've read the documentation a couple of times. However, I still can't figure out how to use the A,B,C,D controls when not in Edit Mode (when in Play mode). Is there a way to assign them globally so that Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume could be controlled across all patches? If not, how do you use them?



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This has been for a while a wish-list item, to be able to assign globally these modifiers so they can be used in recall mode.
I personally wanted basic controls like Gain Volume Master or Bass Mid Treble Volume accessible so that the Axe can be edited on the fly live.
I had hoped to see this in 3.0. Apparently Cliff is working on this but I have not seen it yet.


unfortunately they currently can't be used for bass, treble, etc, but for parameters in the edit screens that have the {} under it, you can hit the "Enter" button on the front panel, then scroll "Source" all the way to the end for "Manual A" B C or D. Then when you adjust one of the dials, it will control that parameter.

one of the most popular uses for these dials is for delay settings, such as time or feedback, so you can have the delayed signal start warping without having to go into the edit menu. the screen doesn't change when you use the dials, so you can't see what number you are turning to, but only listen to the audio change.


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Bummer...it would really useful for me to be able to the knobs assign Bass, Treble, Mid, Vol. Thanks.


Yes, it would be handy, but it's just one press on a knob away really: press X.

In detail: In the Preset Recall screen, press X (Quick-Jump) to open the Amp Edit screen, and then use ABCD to control Bass, etc.
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