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80's Tokai Goldstar Sound Playing Little Wing w/ AxeFx 2 Q8.01


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Wow... That sounds great! I'll be waiting for that preset!

What have you been doing for the last year that kept you away?


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Good to see you back, Tyler! Your time away hasn't hurt your tone, still sounding great.


Haven't played guitar in over a year. Found this Tokai local and really enjoyed how well it played. Hit record on my stream software and uploaded it. Hope you enjoy

80s Tokai Goldstar Sound
U pickups
Jumbo fret installed

AxeFx 2 with quantum 8.01 firmware
(Patch to follow soon, check back)
Sounds great....you should get together with @fremen , and start some kind of online video musical collaboration.....You guys look and sound like you were separated at birth.


Thanks for your generosity by sharing this great sounding patch.
Happily, your guitar skills haven't deserted you after a year.
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