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8 Pin MiDI cable?


I have an 8 pin midi cable from a mesa boogie footswitch. I was wondering if i removed the middle pins would that work to carry power from the axe to the mfc and work correctly?

Or might that damage the axe or the mfc?




FYI: I went ahead and removed the middle pin from the boogie 8 pin foot switch cable making the cable a 7 pin and it works perfectly with the axe and the mfc.

Good Stuff


i think same goes for 8-pin panel jacks if you have trouble finding 7-pins. they should do in a pinch from places like mouser or digikey that might be out of stock. they just add the 8-pin on top, iirc, so it has compatibility with 7-pin. bstoner, i'm sure has an idea of this now.
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