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7 String Classical Guitar


I'm thinking about buying a 7 string classical guitar. I got so used to 7 strings that I sometimes miss this extra string when I occasionally play a classical guitar. Since I have a 7 string electric guitar, I've moved the action a lot toward this additional B string and I'm not talking only about chugging but all the chords and the melodies. I even can't play my latest compositions on the classical guitar any longer without stopping and thinking about how to transpose the chords I'm usually playing from the B string.

Does anyone here own or have experience with a 7 string classical? Which one and how is it like to play it, compared to an electric 7 string and compared to a 6 string classic or acoustic? Thanks.


Sorry, I realized that I've posted this in the wrong forum, it should be under "Guitars". If someone could just easy move it there, I would appreciate it. Thank you.


Fractal Fanatic
I’m interested to know what you end up with. I’ve been on a Chopin kick lately and an extra string would open up a lot of possibilities.
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