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Bug? 65 bassguy,SV bass,Citrus bass,Fas bass USA Bas 1,2. Bias Trmolo ? [NOT A BUG]


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I tried to get the Bias Tremolo in the last page of the amp block,to work on the 65 bassguy. So it must be a bug?
And i tried on alot og other amps,i i seem to remember,that it was a "ducking Tremolo" before. It`s not "ducking" soo good now

And the new Comp Out option in the Citrus Bass and FAS bass..Sv Bass ..Fas bass. I hear it working,but i see no visual read out.
I do love the new Comp Out option !

Edit,i had to lower the COMP Treshold,from -30.. to -50 db.... :) But it seems only on the bass amps..

Am i wrong ?
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Working fine here.

You have to realize that bias trem doesn't work well with all amp models. It depends on the model and this is precisely why bias trem wasn't offered on every amp ever made. It works best on amps that are biased hotter and that don't have much gain. Even a Deluxe Reverb doesn't work that well with bias trem because the power amp overdrives too easily. That is why an actual Deluxe Reverb uses an optical trem instead.
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