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60 Second Sounds - Dynamic Rhythm/Lead - Episode 2

Cooper Carter

Fractal Fanatic
One of the many examples where the Axe goes far beyond what real amps can do, sounds fantastic

Stunning in its "simplicity" in the unit but then absolutely mind-boggling how far beyond, when you start to really think about how you would even achieve this otherwise, yes!!
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If you look carefully at about the 49 second mark, you can see Coop starting to sweat.....

Only kidding! Great tip and vid :)

Rock Chalk

Fractal Fanatic
Tried applying this to the mix knob on my delays instead of the input gain and man, I’m loving it….what a great tip!
Thanks Coop!

Thomas Obester

Only issue here vs. Input Gain is that you're abruptly cutting down your delay trails when you go back to low notes, at least at default settings; but if that's the sound you're going for, great!
yup, first I used Leon´s trick, but found that it cuts delay indeed, and was wondering how to do it without cutting down the trails.
now I know, thanks a lot Cooper :)
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