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5153 model


I've had my Axe III for almost 18 months now. Leon's videos made me get it! :D Since I'm a big fan of John Petrucci and DT as well as Andy Timmons I've spent a lot of time focused on the Mesa based models. With Eddie's passing, I've felt the need to honor him by learning more of his music. This led me to discovering the 5153 model for the first time since owning the Axe. Wow! That's all I can say. Created my first very basic 5153 preset yesterday. Just a cab, London Plate reverb (thanks Leon) and the 5153 Blue model with stock settings and I'm blown away at how good this simple combination sounds. Now to play with some phaser, chorus and flanger!


Try adding a pitch block set to dual detune with offsets at +12 and -12 with one panned hard left and the other panned hard right. Place it between the amp and cab blocks. It will give you the "Balance" sound.
My main patch is scene1: archon clean, scene2: 5153 green, scene3: boosted 50w blue rhythm, scene4: same as 3 but with tweaks for lead, scene4: boosted 5153 red, scene5: same as 4 but tweaked for lead. I always go back to the 5153....it just fills all the gaps for me. For cab block I currently like mixing greenbacks with v30s.

Stevo 317

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I like legacy 124-5153 Mix#1 with the 5153 Blue 50 watt amp. I like that particular cab for a lot of high/mid gain presets, it just sounds pleasing to my ear and on my FRFR setup.
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