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5 Minute Tones

la szum

Fractal Fanatic
Probably -20 Celsius. Just saying. :)

Still cold, but not -20F cold.

Just messing with ya @sprint. :)

Kind of nuts to think 25F was the temp in Seattle overnight.... coldest ever recorded. And that is
after a summer when they set the highest temp ever recorded in Seattle. We have clearly
NOT fucked up the Planet, have we????

If I was a teenager I would be so pissed off!!!


Cool! I went out last night for a walk. I love walking at night when no one else is smart/dumb enough to do so. :)
Oh, yeah. Give me 65°F with a vigorous breeze, and the streets to myself. I could take that walk for hours, back when my knees didn't have an attitude of their own.


Fractal Fanatic
Probably -20 Celsius. Just saying. :)

Still cold, but not -20F cold.
yup - Celsius: -9C right now - warmed up a bit since earlier today @ -11/-12 C with a "feel like" temp lower.

we switched to Celsius in the mid 70s - my father still sticks to Fahrenheit and complains: "damn frickin Celsius! I can't figur it out"


UPDATE - I've updated this post to include a playlist to all the videos in the series, which I will keep updated as new videos are added.

I've seen more comments along the lines of "But I don't want to spend hours tweaking, I just want to play" pop up on my videos recently, so I decided to start a little series which is more focussed on dialling tones quickly and easily. Here's the first which deals with the USA C++, an all time favourite.

If you've got suggestions for amps or effects you'd like to see given this treatment let me know!

Mesa combo.

I can’t recreate exactly the tone I have/had with real amps: Mark V (1x12 C90), Triple Crown (1X12 V30).

It’s something you can try easily even if you have not the amp, there are demos on the Meas YouTube channel.


Thanks Leon!

I'm a subscriber. I think you're doing fantastic work with your vids. I also think you've improved in every way over the last few years.

Anyways, this last '5 minute tones' and your JP2C+ preset has been a launchpad to the absolute best sound I've ever had. Thank you.

I also copied the basic knobs from the 'Yellow' model to my old Axe-2 (USA Pre LD2 Ylw) and am amazed at how it breathed life into that box. The 3 is slightly more 3D but the Axe-2 is breathing fire like it never has.

To anyone interested... turn the gain down as low as your metal-heart can stand it, then put a TS808 in front for that last push. This thing loves a Rotary too.

I play mine through YA mesa OS IRs. But the fun is cranking it through a giant poweramp and stereo 4x12s.
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