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5 Minute Tones

la szum

Fractal Fanatic
Hard to go wrong with bogners. Such easy to dial in wonderful amps.

They can get tubby in the bass and be on the thick side the more you roll
up the gain. Have owned Shivas and XTCs in the past and still own a Goldfinger.

They remind me of Friedmans in that they have that hyped low-end to get
that modern vibe---which I end up having to roll off extensively.


I hear ya! Depending on the type of amplifier I’m using I’ve narrowed it down to about four or five cabs that work pretty well.
And I know what you’re saying after your ears acclimate to one when you switch to another one that you like it sounds kind of weird. But that is totally normal because if you switched to a different guitar cabinet in the real world that same thing would happen.

The guy from ML says that his IR’s will work with most of the amplifiers, and he said that in one of his videos which would be nice. I’m guessing that if it’s done right that would be true because as I mentioned when I used a real speaker cabinet almost all of the models sounded great through it.
There were some other things that I had to tweak but overall it was a much more workable and familiar workflow.

This has been the biggest challenge for me as a newbie and one that was unforeseen going into the whole world of modeling.
I just throw one of the York Audio IR's on anything and just smile, love their Packs.


Hey Leon
The Bogner is one of my go-to's. But it amaces me how dirty it sounds pushing your strat, even with the washing out of the delay and the pitch block you put on it.
... your fusion session in the end is hot as hell!
It seems, that rock musicians should more often play some good old jazz ;-)


Love your tones
would you have any suggestions on getting an xtc el34 101b blue channel tone w b1 switch engaged?
I have onwed a couple 101bs, 20 th anniv 101b and classics and never got that low mid thing right
the 20th anniversary is a bit if a different animal and I havent really dialed it in right for that
I suspect bright cap value is an element
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