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5 Minute Tones

Todd McMullen

Quick comparison of the Mark Series models at the same settings

Love this series!! A few of my favorite Mesa presets.


  • TM Mesa MarkIV 16.05.syx
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  • TM Mesa 16.05.syx
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  • TM Mesa 2C++ 16.05.syx
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Fractal Fanatic
UPDATE - I've updated this post to include a playlist to all the videos in the series, which I will keep updated as new videos are added.

I've seen more comments along the lines of "But I don't want to spend hours tweaking, I just want to play" pop up on my videos recently, so I decided to start a little series which is more focussed on dialling tones quickly and easily. Here's the first which deals with the USA C++, an all time favourite.

If you've got suggestions for amps or effects you'd like to see given this treatment let me know!

BTW...nice new avatar!

Joe Bfstplk

Out of curiosity, are you using those Mesas for clean-ish stuff? Most of what I remember hearing from you has been in that vein, but that might be just one slice, or I might be misremembering.
I use them for EOB through fairly ridiculous gain levels, some even approaching Leon's gainy Mark sounds....

The IIC+ Deep tends to get used more for the lower-gain dirt closer to EOB. Sounds less like a high-gain channel and more like an amp cranked up....
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neale dunham

Hi Leon,

Great Effort as always. I don't know how you get the time to do what you do??

A totally driven guy you must be!

Anyhow, us mere mortals are still in need of a little help now and again to push us along to the next level. lately, I've been trying out the Dumble amps on board the Ax3. In particular the ODS 100 HRM and whilst I can get a decent sound from it, I'm struggling to get a great sound from it?

Could you put together a 5 minute tone gem on this bad boy if you haven't already please. Theres a lot going on with this model and the chances of me actually owning the real thing to understand the tones within are pretty much next to none unless I win the lottery any time soon!

Forever in debt if you could shed some light here.

Many Thanks.


I had to do a little video with this one.

Backstory: I am considering swapping the pickups in the white 'strat', and the bridge pickup would be either BKP VHII (which is in the green LP) or BKP The Mule (in the PRS) - so I am currently doing a lot of comparisons. I think, it is interesting how fuzzy the Ibanez pickup sounds. Quite 70-ish.

Stick out till the end to see how wonderfully this preset cleans up with the neck pickup, when you roll back the volume

EDIT: I am not using LTs IR - The one that my Axe chose in my user library already sounded really good, so I did not change it. (It's from this library https://www.cabir.eu/en/pro-ir-seri...onse-cab-ir-library-marshall-mr-petet652.html)
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