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5 Minute Tones - Distorted Bass

Jop vS

Yes, nice video!
Curious to see your approach to more old school sounds as mentioned in the video, since that's the type of sounds I typically make


Power User
Curious, when I set a bass preset up using this method and I mute the volume block for low's, I barely hear anything from the high's (Right Only).

I have to turn the freq in the X-Over down from 800 Hz into the 500's or so to hear a similar level to what you demonstrated here at the start of the preset build (pre-amp block).

I guess the 800 Hz method is dependant on the pickups in the bass?
It seems strange if your bass does not supply the signal over 800 Hz. What kind of bass do you have? It should normally give the full spectrum of frequencies. Maybe you have mesed up something with blocks levels.

dr bonkers

Fractal Fanatic
@2112 Thanks for the shoutout on this cool video.

If you lower the crossover to 250 or 300Hz and slap an opto compressor after low cab and an opto compressor after high distorted cab, you can get some really cool sounds as you can have tight low end and a looser dynamics in the distortion.
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