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5 Minute Tones - Bass

Kamil Kisiel

Thanks for this video. I'd really love to see more tutorials about dialing in bass sounds, mostly because I don't know shit about bass but I still want to use / play it in my recordings. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on dialing in guitar tones and what sounds good with different guitars and pickup types, but I feel totally lost when it comes to trying to dial in a good bass sound. Apart from how to set up the amps and compression etc, what settings work well with what kind of settings on the bass etc... would be helpful.


Thanks for this video Leon!

I was messing around with the amp selection for the high end sound. I pulled up the 1959SLP Normal amp and was pleasantly surprised with the result. I didn't get much obvious distortion, but the tone had some serious growl and a bit of a nasal edge to it. I also used the ML Legends H55 cabs. It's fun to experiment with other guitar amps and cabs. for the high end sound.


Fractal Fanatic
One great thing about this approach is tuning the high end using whichever of the 250+ guitar amps we have available. @pharmd07 I'll definitely be trying that combo!
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