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4x12 stereo or mono + introduction.


Hi all

First post here and a new owner of an XL+. So ive been using the unit for almost two weeks and love it! I previously used a mesa MKv through a recto 4x12. Since getting the Axe my mesa has been gathering dust (sorry mesa) plus I blame the Axe for making me late for work on a few ocassions lol, im hooked on the IIc+ and im so surprised when using amps such as the Splawn and adding some reverb and delay to get such sweet tones that I wouldnt have imagined that amp can do!

Only modeling gear ive used in the past was by Digitech and even though the GSP 1101 was nice im just blown away by the axe every day on just how real it sounds.

So enough of me waffling on, I currently run the axe through a rather crappy PA amp into my 4x12 recto cab and I must admint even with the bad amp it sounds amazing, im running in stereo so my question is is it even worth running stereo on a 4x12? I mean the speakers are right next to one another so whats the point? Any advantages to just running the cab mono over stereo?

P.S I just purchased an ART SLA-1 pretty cheap ($100) on ebay to replace my current power amp.

thanks all



I run the axe into a matrix into a mesa 412 and I do it stereo as well. I do it because I like the stereo delays and the chorus sounds huge in stereo, I see no reason in which mono would be better so I dont.

PS; I also came from a mark V, dusty indeed!


Thanks for the quick replies getting to really love these forums! most forums I frequent are full of trolls and drama. So seeing as you pretty much have the same setup as me do you run cab emulation? I run cabs on the presets ive made or downloaded and prefer it.


I have a Matrix 212 and you can run it in stereo or mono. I pretty much always prefer stereo even though the speakers are side by side like you say.

Try the 2290 delay and you will get a pretty amazing spacious sound out of your rig.

Welcome to the dark side, by the way. :D

+1 on the 2290 delays. I use a single Marshall stereo 4x12 cab and at gigs, I feel like sounds are coming from everywhere. And yes, choruses instantly make you sound huge. Oddly, two 4x12 cabs in stereo does not make a bigger impact for me.


Power User
I play stereo through a Marshall JVM 4x12 in the studio (with a Matrix amp) and its sounds great.
For gigs I use 2 x NL212 in stereo and I place them one on top each other, both cabs are miced so it goes to FOW in stereo as well.
As soon as you hit chorus, 2290, enhancer etc. you feel / here the difference.


Cab on theu your cab might sound good on your own, but play with others and you'll be lost. Best to play without cab and eq the amp to sound good thru the cab. Or do what I do, my patches have the fx loop block before the cab so I can run output 2 to my cab and then output 1 to FOH with cab on for the audience or to record.


Stereo... you have two ears :mrgreen don't rip yourself off when it comes to the sound. I used to run a pair of 412's powered with a Art SLA 2 never had any issues being heard. I was more cumbersome and a PITA than anything else. If you have to run a cab I would say ditch the 412 and get a pair of vertical 212's more options with stage setups and easier to hump around.
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