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404 - Complete Output Failure


My Axefx III has ceased to produce any output. Whether it's a guitar plugged in or the USB or any of the used outputs - 1 to 4, there's no output on the meters. When I plugin in the headphones and try and play something via USB with the Axefx selected as a soundcard, with all the front knobs turned to full, I can hear some very feeble choppy audio - almost as if Noise gated audio coming out, but that's it. It's extremely soft.

Whether it's a factory preset or any of mine, there's no instrument output.

- The unit is running the latest firmware and drivers.
- I've tried doing a System reset - makes no difference.
- Even though the LCD screen might show output going to meters screen, there is no signal on the analog output meters. The LEDs do not light up at all.
- I've checked and rechecked all routing.
- It makes no difference if I run it at -10dbv or +4dbu.

I've opened up a support ticket, but also posting this here incase anyone else has, or eventually runs into the same problem.


Fractal Fanatic
That sounds like a rough one, hope you get it sorted soon!

Have you tried removing all external controllers if any are connected? And also a different guitar cable (I know you checked routing, not sure if this includes physical cables).

Also try rolling back one FW if you are on the Beta.


Oh damn, forgot to update this thread. Out of desperation due to a gig, I took the plunge and opened it up. Turns out the ribbon cable connecting to the output panel was loose. Uploading a photo incase anyone ends up in a similar situation. Thanks for the replies guys!
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