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4 cable method for recording.....o boy...


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so im thinking of buying a JP2C or Mark V. i understand the 4 cable method and thats what i want to do........but i also want to use the FM3 as an audio interface. i dont want to mic the cab. is there any way to do this? like somehow having an output ir going into the daw but still using the 4 cable method? but that would require like 3 outputs..........


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You can run the preamps of those amps into the FM3 but otherwise you will need a loadbox like a Suhr Reactive Load to run the speaker output from the amps into the FM3.

If you want both at the same time (FM3 through the amp in 4 CM + loadbox output back into the FM3) you might run into ground loop issues.

For recording it's best to forget the 4CM setup and instead just run the loadbox output into the FM3 and put everything you would use in the fx loop after the input from the loadbox.

So for recording:
  • Guitar -> FM3 IN 1
  • FM3 OUT 2 L -> JP2C front panel guitar input
  • JP2C speaker out -> reactive loadbox -> FM3 IN 2
Then your grid could look like:

Row 1: IN 1 -> WAH -> CMP -> DRV -> OUT 2
Row 2: IN 2 -> DLY -> REV -> OUT 1
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thanks guys......i think im going to get the cabclone ir with it so i can put in my own ir for recording and still have the in the room cab for my own ears.
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