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3.01 Reverb Hold Crackling?


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Hey guys! I'm hearing some crackling sounds whenever I engage Reverb Hold. I'm uploading a preset if others want to see if they can reproduce.

I'm basically just playing a chord, then muting the input entirely. After that I'm using a control switch (CS4) to toggle the Reverb Hold ON/OFF. Whenever I do this I hear faint crackling occasionally. Sometimes it's more pronounced than others.



  • Crackling with Hold - CS4.syx
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I trimmed down the preset to just an Amp, Cab and Reverb block. It's at 25% CPU. It only crackles when I press the Control Switch 4 on my FC which is tied to Reverb 1 (Hold). Sometimes you don't hear it, other times it crackles pretty loud.


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And ya sure it’s not some kind of interference or power anomaly coming through. In other words, how sure are you it is the reverb or the unit?


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Great suggestions guys!

The problem is there if Axe Edit is on or off.

I don't think it's power or interference because everything else sounds pristine. I'm muting the input just to be sure. It's only the reverb Hold that seems to cause this. It sounds like a buffer is underflowing/overflowing. It makes like 5-6 "clicking sounds" then goes away. It's very faint most of the times.


When activating reverb hold the time is increased to infinity. This causes a bunch of stuff to be recalculated which can cause a click. I'll have to look into it.

been having similar issues; it's easier to get a smoother hold with the new reverb algos, but can take some finessing. this would be amazing!
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