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22,66 notes per second clip xD


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I was practicing my technique and felt silly so I recorded this clip. Sorry for the vertical video

These are hard, 32nd notes @ 170 bpm - that's 22,66 notes per second 🤯🤣



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Keep it up! You can push it to 200+! 200 is only 17% faster!

This speed is where you have to rethink technique!

When you practice with a metronome and gradually speed up, what you do is you use the same muscles and making them stronger so you can move faster.
But it has limits because some muscles actually are holding you back at this speed. Pay attention to which muscles you can let relax but maintaining the speed.
That could mean you might want to turn the pick or your hand.
When you find this out you will jump about 10-20% in speed easily!

I want to hear 200!

If your limit is 170, go to 180 and pick 1 note, then pick 2 and stop on that speed until it feels comfortable. Since it's only 2 notes your hand doesn't' get stiff. Then go to 3 notes, then 4.
1 bar with 2 notes, 1 bar silence, 1 bar with 2 notes, 1 bar silence.
1 bar with 3 notes, 1 bar silence, 1 bar with 3 notes, 1 bar silence.
1 bar with 4 notes, 1 bar silence, 1 bar with 4 notes, 1 bar silence.
1 bar with 8 notes, 1 bar silence, 1 bar with 8 notes, 1 bar silence.

Then go to 190, 200.


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Hint #2:
Emphasize accents, pick the first note harder. 1 2 3 4

Hint #3
Practice triplets and emphasizes the accents 1 2 3 4 5 6. Because 4 is going to be an upstroke you will need a bit different technique, but this excersize will build balance in your picking which will help you with the 4 notes!
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