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SOLD 2021 PRS DGT Wood Library/Brazilian board - Excellent- $3825 OBO or Trade for FM9/FM3


Will likely regret this as this is nicest DGT I have ever had, but other projects are taking priority right now. PRS Hang tag indicates a December 2021 build.
Bought used from a well known dealer a few months ago. In Excellent condition with only a very tiny surface nick through first layer of topcoat not into wood, and some faint signs of play wear on back.
Top, headstock, sides, neck all near mint.
Has all the newer PRS features with TCI tuned pickups, and Nitro over CAB finish.
Hybrid hardware.

Comes with OHSC PRS high end Paisley case, all documents, and PRS T- Shirt.

Weighs in at 7lbs 15 oz

DGT Pickups read out at:
9.23 B 6.33 Tapped
7.50 N 4.66 Tapped
4.14 M 2.69 Tapped

Neck measurements:
.870 1st fret
.971 12th fret

This is about as good as you can get outside of a private stock build.

Asking $3899 3875 $3850 $3825 OBO shipped using no fee PayPal.
If you want to use fee based PayPal- then add fees.
I have perfect references in all major forums.

Will also consider a trade for FM9 or FM3 plus cash.

Screenshot 2022-09-04 131621.png















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Greg Ferguson

To anyone who’s curious about the DGT’s sound, it’s very much like a late 50s Les Paul; the pickups took years to develop and are based on some very good sounding PAFs that were in David Grissom’s ES-335. The pickups are tapped and in that position switch to a sound more like the neck pickup of a Strat or the bridge of a Tele.

The frets are big and work really well with the stock string gauge of 11s, you’d never believe that they are that size because they feel lighter, but between the strings and the pickups the guitar can growl and sing, again, like an old Les Paul.

It is very well balanced when playing with no neck dive and is comfortable for hours.

The DGT (“David Grissom Tremolo”) is reportedly the best selling model PRS ever released. I’ve had two, and still have a Goldtop that is weathered and chipped and is a blast to play.

Search YouTube for “David Grissom” and listen to him playing to hear how it sounds.


Thanks for the comments and insights Greg.
The bridge pickup in humbucker mode is about as good as it gets.
As stated, the split tones are excellent single coil tones.

The build quality and playability is top notch. I simply have too many humbucker guitars right now.
You will really cannot do better at any price for a DGT than this one. I should know as this is my 6th one. LOL. :D
It is the only PRS model I really like TBH. It sounds like a vintage guitar- not hifi.

Lots of interest as I have lowered the price, and 23 watchers on Reverb, but have not made a deal yet.
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Will be doing Daily Price Drops until Sold.
Now $3899 OBO.

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These videos are not helping me as I am already having trouble letting it go. LOL.
I always end up getting another. Like Les Paul's and 335's just have to have one around.

Greg Ferguson

These videos are not helping me as I am already having trouble letting it go. LOL.
I always end up getting another. Like Les Paul's and 335's just have to have one around.
I had two DGTs, my Goldtop first, then a Cherryburst 10-top.

The Goldtop is weather checked, has chips, dings and worming and has been played and had been somewhat abused before I got it, but after several times polishing it the finish gleams and it plays and sounds great.

The Cherryburst was almost perfect, with a great finish on it.

Deciding which to play drove me crazy, because the 10-top was too pretty but I always wanted a Cherryburst. I finally decided the way to find my peace about the whole thing was to give the 10-top to my son-in-law, who plays professionally and was jonesin’ for the guitar, who now plays it at his own gigs and loves it, and his friends envy him because it’s pretty as can be.

It sounded just like the Goldtop, but the Goldtop had character.

So, look for a beat up DGT that you can love. It’ll sound as good and will appreciate the TLC. :)


Had one a few years ago. A first year 2008 nitro one that Paul had signed for a previous owner named Nina. It was beat to hell. It was as good as any I have had......

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