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FS 2014 Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro II Floyd Rose


2014 Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro II Floyd Rose. Excellent used condition. Split coils and boost. Gloss front, satin back. One nick on the satin back edge. Usual pick and swirl marks in the gloss black. Couple dents not through the paint. All original except I added Grover locking tuners that were found on some in place of the original non-locking Grover tuners. Exact swap. Originals included. Fresh set 10-46 D'Addarios. Allen wrenches, truss rod wrench, Floyd Rose arm and paperwork included.
Mint condition original case.
Price is firm and is fair. Last several that sold on Reverb went for $2200.
No trades.
Buyer pays all shipping costs and fees if paying with PayPal, etc.
Please ask away with any questions.


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