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SOLD 2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro


Its absolutely like new with the following upgrades/changes.

I didn't like the Burstbucker 3 in the bridge and it didn't really have good sustain or that "Les Paul" tone to me. So, I decided to give it a workover. I changed out both pickups to a Classic 57 in the neck and a Classic 57 Plus in the bridge with nickel covers. I replaced the bridge, bridge posts, tailpiece and studs with Faber products. Used the Nashville to ABR steel conversion posts, the ABR bridge with Nashville spacing, the aluminum tailpiece with the locking steel studs. Also, replaces all the electronics with Martin Six String Customs pots, and switches with real Vitamin Q caps (.022 bridge/.015 neck) with vintage wiring. I also changed the chrome Grover locking tuners to nickel Kluson's for that of a 57 and used Allparts nickel bushings to fit my headstock holes. All the plastics were changed to the Gibson Historic stuff and I added the pointers and changed the knobs to the reflectors. Not exactly a real 57, but I am pleased with the looks of it now and the tone is a huge imporovement. It is much more versitle now and I have a huge range of adjustment (no coil taps now) with the new wiring and pots.

I have two cases for it. The original black with white lining and a Gibson brown Lifton case with pink lining (shown).

$2,000 + shipping and your choice of case.



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