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1980's STUDIO RACK CLEAN TONE (w/ free patch!)


New Member
Thanks for sharing it!

This screen is when 80s RACK CLEAN.syx is read by FM3.


Could you share the screen of Ax-FX III?


New Member
Get rid of the blank shunts...move everything over to the left. Put enhancer where you like (prob after REV 1) and then OUT 1. Boom.
Thank you for your advice.
I like the sound of this change on FM3.


But, I want to know what has become what kind of setting in Axe-FX III.

for reference


Power User
Thanks dude, always loved that arpeggio!
What kind of solo/lead tone would you combine with this? Is there a lead tone one could “shred“ with under this preset without sounding too different? I ask it that way because I’m a guy who normally enjoys using the same amp or similar amps for my clean, rhythm and leads.
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